Professional Polygraph Investigations

     Welcome to GKLAU POLYGRAPH.  Gordon Klau, an expert in polygraph investigations, is a retired FBI Special Agent and FBI Polygraph Examiner with over 20 years of FBI experience.  He is an extensively trained polygraph examiner and a graduate of the Department of Defense Polygraph Institute (now the National Center for Credibility Assessment), acknowledged as the world's premier polygraph school.

     Gordon has attended advanced training on a yearly basis in the fields of polygraph, interview and interrogation, and complex investigations.  Using the state-of-the-art Lafayette Computerized Polygraph System, he is licensed to conduct polygraph examinations in Alabama, and in Florida and Georgia which are non-license states.  Gordon is a fully insured member of the American Polygraph Association and the Alabama Association of Polygraph Examiners.  He has conducted over 1,400 exams to date. 

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email:  gklaupolygraph@gmail.com