Question:  What is a polygraph?

Answer:  The term polygraph literally means "many writings," which refers to the manner in which selected physiological activities are simultaneously recorded.

Question:  What kind of equipment is used?

Answer:  The most common equipment used today is the computerized instrument which records changes in:  respiration, cardio activities, and electrodermal resistance.

Question:  What occurs during a polygraph exam?

Answer:  Typically, an exam will include a period referred to as a pre-test phase to complete required paperwork and discuss the exam and questions to be used on the test;  a chart collection phase where the exam will be administered and charts will be collected and analyzed;  and, a post-test phase where the results will be discussed with the examinee.

Question:  How can I find out more about polygraph?

Answer:  Click on the American Polygraph Association links below to learn more about polygraph testing and applicable laws.



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