Polygraph Services

Polygraph examinations are conducted by appointment at any suitable location.

Specific Issue polygraph tests can be conducted in all fields, including the following: 

  • fraud
  • theft
  • white-collar crime
  • violent crime
  • national security issues
  • arson
  • public integrity
  • sexual offense and child abuse cases
  • homicide
  • State Licensing matters

Tests can also be conducted concerning domestic relationships and asset concealment.

Employment testing can be conducted.  This type of exam is covered by the Employee Polygraph Protection Act (EPPA - see home page links), which in conjunction with your company attorney, can help recover missing assets and stop further loss.  EPPA provides for pre-employment testing for companies concerned with National Defense and Security, Pharmaceutical, Armored Carriers, and certain Public Works.

Polygraph exams can be conducted to assist in Attorney/Client matters as an aid to help attorneys manage their cases, especially in instances where a law enforcement agency wants to perform a law enforcement exam on your client.

Gordon can also provide training to local law enforcement and private security personnel in interview and interrogation matters.

email: gklaupolygraph@gmail.com